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FRP Grating for Walkways

We offer an exclusive range of FRP grating for walkway. For designing walkways to be used in corrosive environment, FRP gratings are the best option because of their excellent features like long durability and cost effective price. We are specialized in providing all types of gratings. They are prepared from a single piece of the best quality material. This enables uniformity in the shape and mesh of the grating. These gratings have a special quarts layer on the top to make the construction firm, durable and improve the slip resistance property. Proper care has to be taken will selecting that grating keeping in mind the weight that it has to bear. The dimensions are selected on the basis of weight bearing capacity of the grating so that it does not break and is highly durable.

FRP Grating for Walkways FRP Grating manufacturer in India

FRP Grating for Drain

The FRP grating for drain are specially designed to be used in industries, roadways where water, chemical or any other liquid is to be drained from that place. The pores in the grating are kept according to the material that is to be removed. The shape of the pores in the grating is variable and selected as per the need of the client. The shape of these pores can be rectangular or square. The dimension of the thickness and pores can be set as per the client’s requirement. These gratings can be used in kitchens, marine exposure, salt water pools, industries, gutter lines, etc.

FRP Grating for Drain FRP grating

FRP Grating for Swimming Pool

Our FRP grating for swimming pool is specially designed to ensure that swimmers do not slip and fall while entering into the swimming pool. The gap in the gratings is kept exact so that only water enters into it when the pool overflows and ensures that any person’s foot does not get stuck inside it. We offer a wide array of shape, size and colour of these gratings according to the looks that the client requires. These FRP gratings are made in a comfortable and anti-slippery design. They are easy to install and can be used on both curved and straight overflow. The material used in this grating is strong and have good weight bearing capacity.

FRP Grating for Swimming Pool

FRP Grating for Restaurant

We provide FRP gratings for restaurant that assure high quality standards and safety. The gratings are mostly used to grate various objects and materials into small fine strips.  The FRP grating is also used in restaurant to grill various objects on which food can be grilled. The dimensions are kept in accordance to the place where they are to be used. These gratings have high temperature bearing property and are non conductors. They are made to ensure the safety of customers as they do not heat much and also does not corrode. These gratings have great durability and are does not rust so that the food prepared on it does not get affected.

FRP Grating for Restaurant FRP gratings for restaurant

FRP Grating for Flooring

We are the top class manufacturer of wide assortment of FRP grating for flooring that is highly durable and strong. These gratings are made to fit on various locations where the people have to walk. The surface has to be smooth and anti slippery. We provide skid surface that has coarse grit embedded into the grating that provides good resistance to slip. They are strong, lightweight and can be easily installed in various locations. They are a great alternative to steel and other heavy metals. Our floor grating are suitable for walkways, workstations and gully. These gratings are provided in various dimensions and in a very competitive price.

FRP Grating for Flooring FRP grating for flooring
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